About Us & M’Pai Bay

Welcome to our tropical home… Chill Inn – Beach Bar & Guesthouse.

Opened by brothers on January 23rd 2015 on edge of the traditional Khmer village M’Pai Bay,

in the north of Koh Rong Samloem island.

M’Pai Bay (Village 23 in English) is a fishing community of approximately 300 going about their daily island life,

with a school of 80-100 children up on the hill.

 Koh Rong Samloem is one of several islands off the Cambodian coast in the Gulf Of Thailand,

accessible by boat from Sihanoukville. M’Pai Bay is the only locals village on this island.

 There are usually 4 daily boats which can transport you to and from M’Pai Bay, Koh Rong Samloem.

It’s easiest if you get off the boat at Sunset Pier, in M’Pai Bay for Chill Inn.

 You’ll find us at No.1 Beach Street, a short walk down from the Sunset Pier,

just over the little bridge, heading towards the village.


All you really need are your swimmers and some suntan lotion for endless days fun & relaxation on the long golden sandy beaches. 

Various other interesting ways to spend your days can be found by checking out the Island Activities page.


The local Khmai village population sure know a lot more than we do, why not chat with them when you visit?

What we do know is…….   M’Pai Bay Village has been an established island community (Check out their community facebook page here) for over 20 years, with a small fishing/squid trade developing. For a last few years a local school has been set up on the hill, which serves the village’s children.

Previously, in 1975 the island story was part of the Mayaguez incident, the last official battle of the Vietnam war at the beginning of the Khmer Rouge control of Cambodia.


Abundant coastline, Pristine beaches, A Tropical Rainforest with cool waterfalls & freshwater streams leads to endless amounts creatures on this island, in the air and underwater.

The formidable jungle is the ideal habitat for a great variety of Insects, Spiders, Amphibians, Snakes, Reptile, Lizards and Macaques Monkeys. The skies are an array of action with many butterflies and birds like the Great Hornbill, the KingFisher and the Osprey

Beneath the water are amazing colourful Corals and Hermit Crabs. Divers and Snorkelers regularly emphasise the presence of delicate miniature Eco-systems, with many types of tropical Reef Fish, Seahorses and Nudibranchs.

The lush exotic plants surround us Champa, Ylang Ylang, Tiare, Frangipani And tropical Fruit trees like Mango, Papaya, Banana & Coconut are all around the neighbourhood.

Cambodian Macaque ; the illusive jungle monkey

Cambodian Macaque; the illusive jungle monkey

Village Life

Traditionally a fishing village based around the community Pier. Some locals are now involved in construction/hospitality as parts of the old village are being transformed by the recent arriving tourist dollar (US$ and Local Riel are both acceptable everywhere).

Locals love to hang out, play cards, volleyball & dar-ling (wander around). The kids attend school early mornings and play out in to the late afternoon. The arrival of the supply boat around 6pm always brings a flurry of activity, as al the village collect their shopping deliveries from the mainland.

The “M’Pay Bayians” are very friendly people with warm hearts who like to celebrate traditional holidays, weddings & Khmer New Year in real style.

Where will you find us ???