Reasons Why Do All Movies Release On Fridays

Cinema halls have always been a great source of entertainment, and now with OTT platforms, with the chance to view HD movies online in your own space being introduced, there is no need to leave our house to entertain ourselves. With pandemic situations worldwide, OTT platforms like Aha, where HD online movies (Telugu movies and series) are available, have proved to be a boon. They have managed to keep people entertained and have almost taken over cinema halls. The preference for such platforms where HD movies online are streaming is increasing. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait for booking tickets. It can be seen on your preferred day on your available timings. Movie lovers are inclining towards such platforms to watch their awaited new movies online.

However, be it cinema halls or OTT platforms, audience reviews, ratings, and box office collection play a crucial role in determining any movie or series’s success. Thus, a significant reason for releasing movies on Friday is psychological because it will be seen on weekend days following the day. This results in high openings. Though the pandemic has stopped the world, the world has come up with “work from Home” and “online lectures” concepts, meaning we still have to wait for weekends to take a break, reason why Friday becomes the release day. More people will visit Friday release is expected to likely increase the views and box office collection as the weekends will encourage people to come to the screen.

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